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Hiring A Maid Service Ashburn and Leesburg VAAre you becoming tired of juggling all the house chores like cleaning the house, preparing meals and driving the kids to activities? Check house cleaning off your list by hiring a maid service. You might be asking yourself, which maid service is going to be the best for me? There are so many cleaning service providers around the Ashburn and Leesburg areas, so it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the various options. Here are some questions you might ask when you hire a maid service in Loudon County:

Are employees bonded and insured?

In some cases people make the mistake of assuming that practically all companies already have insurance against accidents, and protection against theft. In reality, there are many independent maids and maid service companies who think that your home insurance will cover their liabilities. Make sure you use the services of a well-known cleaning company that insures and bonds its employees, just like The Maids.

Are their employees properly documented?

There are maid service companies that utilize undocumented personnel, simply because it minimizes the cost. Essentially they are letting any person with a resume into your home. Hiring a maid service like The Maids will provide you with an assurance that your cleaning service providers are trained, screened, and properly documented.

Taxes, social security and worker's compensation: Do they really pay all of these?

A maid service may seem much more budget-friendly until you discover that you need to pay the government a lot more than you bargained for. The regular service agreement of locally owned franchise such as The Maids of Ashburn in Sterling already includes all taxes, social security fees and any other costs. Extra paperwork or hidden costs will never be your problem!

How do they hire, screen and train employees?

If you are hiring a maid service, you want somebody you can rely on in your own home. Does the maid service you are considering look at employee's references? How about a criminal background check? Are their employees working for them on the full-time basis or are they subcontracted? Maid training may not be provided if the maid service company makes use of subcontractors. At The Maids, our employees are not just screened for dependability, criminal background and cleaning know-how - they are also vigorously trained to use top notch cleaning methods. Moreover, employees at The Maids undergo regular re-training to ensure that they're always up to date with the most recent technology and risks.

Do they have their own equipment and cleaning solutions?

If not, will you be the one to provide all these things? Yet another way a number of maid services try to reduce costs is actually having you provide all the equipment. Yet, not all of the Ashburn and Leesburg homeowners have the top quality cleaning equipment and supplies. When you are hiring a maid service, make sure you get the most innovative cleaning available. The Maids backpack vacuums, for instance, will be able to reach under furniture and in corners, and their HEPA filters get out a lot more allergens and dirt as compared to any regular vacuum cleaner. Our bio-based cleaning formulas can simply eliminate staph, E-coli as well as other bacteria; it is non-pathogenic and imitates how nature cleans itself.

Have you ever been supplied with references?

Customer references ought to be available if the company is reliable. This step will help you decide whether you can trust them your house. You should ask if the customers recommended this maid service. Find out if they are satisfied with how the employees of the company treated them. The first company to consider is The Maids (at least we think so) because that's what our clients have said. 

Customer guarantee: Do they provide one?

A company that knows they have a quality service can easily provide a customer satisfaction guarantee. Always know how to get in touch with the company in case you have any kind of concerns during your cleaning.

Adaptability of Cleaning Schedules

Is the company versatile? What if they have an employee who is sick?  Do they cancel your cleaning? Your cleaning should always carried out on the appointed day whether or not the employee assigned to you is ill or absent. This is definitely one of many ways how you can benefit from hiring a maid service at a larger, team service company such as The Maids. A larger company can be a lot more versatile should there be a need for you to change your schedule to a different day.

Quality Monitoring

Are there any surveys you are able to take? Are you able to leave your comments? What about regular checks on their workers? Look for a company that cares about quality control and development if you're planning on hiring a maid service in Ashburn or Leesburg area.  If you were happy or upset with a service, wouldn't you want to have some way of letting them know?

A lot of people have chosen The Maids of Ashburn as their cleaning service provider not just because we deliver high-quality service, but also because our clients refer our services to other people and rave about our customer care.  Don't wait one more minute, call today to find out how you can benefit from using our cleaning services.

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