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Whether you are tired of scrubbing your floor and cleaning your coffee table, or you are no longer capable of doing it yourself, cleaning services can help you with all of your needs. The Maids - one of the leading cleaning services in Sterling, VA is your quick solution for effortless and continent house cleaning. The Maids in Sterling, va are truly magic cleaning fairies you have always dreamt of. And unlike fairies they are just a call away.

The Maids Sterling offers top-notch cleaning services from a highly trained staff. Each maid must undergo comprehensive training consisting of The Maids' infamous 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System, which guarantees that your house will not only look and feel clean, but will be free of allergens and other airborne pathogens.

Besides The Maids' extensive training,  The Maids Sterling provides your home with a deep cleansing experience using a high-quality equipment. For instance, unlike many other cleaning services, we use vacuums that come with HEPA filtration systems. This allows our cleaning professionals to collect 99 percent of the dust and debris hidden in your carpets and rugs.

For those of you concerned about the environment, we are one of the few cleaning services in Sterling which also cares about the planet. The Maids uses environmentally friendly cleaning supplies to reduce carbon footprint, so you don't have to worry about unsafe chemicals being sprayed in your house. Not only are non-environmentally friendly products harmful to the nature, but they can also be dangerous to your family and pets. The Maids is one of the few cleaning services concerned not only about the look of your home, but the safety of your loved ones too!

While some cleaning services out there focus exclusively on the look of your home as a whole, The Maids in Sterling, VA focuses on the small details that make the overall appearance look tidy:

  • Cleaning the hinges on your toilet
  • Hand washing your kitchen floors
  • Dusting sills, ledges and wall hangings
  • Even taking out the trash!

The four-person cleaning staff takes every aspect of your home into consideration when working on it. We know your life can be busy and this is one of the cleaning services who truly understand that sometimes you're too busy to keep up with the chores. So if you need a little help, our cleaning company not only will clean your home, but also will help reduce the chaos in your life too.

If you want your home to shine and sparkle without having to lift a finger, contact The Maids.

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