75-pack76-021514-tmAllergens such as mold, pet dander, dust mites and fungi can cause asthma if not removed in good time. According to a survey that was published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, there are about six allergens that are consistent in every home. They can be found on the floor, furniture, suspended in the indoor air, or stuck on other surfaces. The following tips can help you to get rid of these allergens:

147-1013tm-cart-holidaysBuilding a financial future, whether for your retirement, your family’s future needs, or maybe you just want to attain your personal goals, it all starts with saving. It is also a very important way to ensure that you are financially safe if times get hard. Below are some great ways to save money, so that you have the ability to put money aside for a ‘rainy day’:

6034-101413-gs6034You probably think that your bathroom is the place with the most bacteria in your home. However, the kitchen may be the place with most germs in your home. This is because when bacterium getsloose in your kitchen, it can multiply to millions in a matter of hours due to the favorable conditions. You obviously don’t want bacteria in the kitchen, because it is where your keep and prepare your food. Although it is impossible to keep bacteria away from the kitchen completely, there are ways to minimize their numbers so that they don't harm you. Here are some kitchen sanitation tips that will help you minimize the number of these dangerous microorganisms:

gsappp-dsc-2428-120213Electronic products have made life easy and one such product is washing machine. It actually becomes hard to imagine life without these apparel cleaning gadgets. However, for long-term results it is essential to ensure that the machine is cleaned and maintained appropriately. Machines developed using latest technologies are easy to clean if one knows the right process. 

gsappp-img-3101-120213Shoe scatters and disappearances are problems that seem impossible to solve in many homes. When the shoes are scattered in your home, it is difficult to find them when they are needed. This also makes a home look untidy and disorganized. You can prevent shoe scatters and disappearances in your home by creating points where people remove their shoes when they come into your home. This way you can easily find all of the shoes that are not in the closets. Also, you can easily access the shoes from these points to clean them and take them where they are supposed to be. 

4997-101413-gs4997Mothers will tell you that having a baby is one of the most exhilarating experiences in life, and one of the most nerve-wracking at the same time. Just like any parent, you certainly want to ensure that your newborn has the best possible living environment, but you need to beware of the products you use because babies are more susceptible to toxins. However, with the tips provided below, you can make your baby’s nest as green as possible and in the process keep the young one safe and healthy. 

crayon-strokes-background-1013tm-bkg-655Before your kids turn three, they will have colored on every wall in your house and both sides of your doors. Some of these marks will be caused by crayons, which cannot be removed by the normal erasers. So, should you repaint your whole house? Not yet! You can hire a maid service like The Maids of Ashburn in Sterling, VA or attempt to clean the walls yourself. No matter what you decide to do, the following are some tried and tested tools for removing crayon from walls.

131-pack61-021514-tmIf you have outdoor furniture, signs of wear and tear will appear over time. Many factors cause outdoor furniture to fade and wear, some of those being: daily use, adverse weather conditions, and scruffs and scratches. Regardless of how often you clean them or how careful you are, as the years passthe signs of use will show. So have some fun with your furniture and give it a facelift instead of replacing it. These simple tips will help you bring new life toyour outdoor furniture.

icons 2008009475-1113int-iconsAs long as the price stickers are where they belong – on the labeled products in your convenience store or other shopping malls, then they remain functional and useful. However, most stickers don’t stick there for long; they get to come off once they have been paid for after their brief shelf life. And heaven only knows where these stickers end up; they can easily become a nuisance on every surface in and around the home.The following are some of the ways to clean those stickers from various surfaces at home:

cleaning-equipments-1113tm-pic-1326Allergies and other respiratory issues make it hard for some people to use chemical cleaning products. At the same time, there are plenty cleaning items sold these days claim to be eco-friendly and free of harsh chemicals, when that isn’t always the case.  The following are some cleaning solutions which you can make right in your kitchen using other common household products:

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