Tips for Getting Stains Off of the Garage Floor

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4064-101413-gs4064The garage floor is a magnet for stains. The garage often houses leaky vehicles, and is also the home for many messy jobs. With concrete being so porous of a material, spills and messes tend to soak right in. This can make them very difficult to clean. With the right approach, however, oily stains can be cleaned off of concrete garage floors quite effectively.

Manually Scrubbing Stains Away

The old fashioned way of cleaning can still work with oil stains on your garage floor, provided you follow some useful tips. For starters, oil can be really difficult to deal with unless a good degreaser is used. There are plenty of commercial degreasers you can use. Also, if you have regular Tide brand laundry detergent you can use it. Tide works quite well as a degreaser.

To start with, soak the stain for 10 to 15 minutes with the degreaser that has been mixed with water. Then, you can simply scrub the stained area with a regular deck brush. After a thorough scrubbing, you can spray the mess away using a garden hose with a pressure nozzle attachment. All of these commonly available tools can help get your garage floor clean.

Heavy Duty Cleaning Equipment

If you have a large mess to deal with or simply want to avoid the manual scrubbing part of cleaning, then you are in luck. A pressure washer can make short work of most any stain you can think of with no scrubbing to do. It is recommended to rent a commercial quality pressure washer from an equipment rental business. You can get top of the line power for a very reasonable price with a rental.

To start, presoak the stain with a concentrated degreaser. Many pressure washers will allow you to add degreaser to the water for an even more thorough cleaning. Then you simply pressure wash the stain away. This is a fast and extremely effective method of getting your garage floor looking like new.

These two methods of cleaning a stained garage floor can work wonders. Following these tips can help you get your garage floor looking the way you want it to.

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