Three Bathroom Updates You Can Do in a Day or Less

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Sometimes the problem with decorating your space is lack of ideas, sometimes it’s lack of money, but sometimes, there’s just no time! If that’s your situation, these updates can make your bathroom look fresh and new without a lot of time or money.

Project #1: A Vanity That Looks New

Want a completely different look for your vanity but not sure how to get it without spending a lot of time on it? This is the trick for you:

Choose a wallpaper with a great color or interesting texture, and update your vanity cabinets with it. Remember to cut and shape it around the fixtures, but otherwise, it should be a straightforward project that you can do in less than a day from application to drying!

Project #2: Custom Towels

Tired of that army of plain white towels? You don’t have to settle for them anymore—within an hour or two, you could have towels that look designer and custom-made.

At your local craft store, pick up some cloth ribbon in a color or pattern you like that will complement your bathroom well and some fabric glue. On your white towels, apply the ribbon to the trim at the bottom of your towel and let dry!

If your towel doesn’t have trim, you can use a hair-cutting razor or scissors to trim down some of the fuzz (just be careful not to cut the towel itself!).

Project #3: Updated Fixtures

Adding something a little bit different can take as little as thirty minutes. This project, for instance, can be done in 10-30 minutes, depending on the number of cabinets and drawers in your bathroom and the complexity of their installation.

Any hardware store will have an entire row of drawer pulls and cabinet handles. Pick out some new ones, and don’t be afraid to go ornamental or decorative. At home, installation is usually as simple as unscrewing the old handles and switching them out for the new ones.

Which project will you try? 

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