Safe Storage of Medicines around Children

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gskm-042114-pills scene-3-1095Medications play a vital role in keeping both children and adults healthy. However, medications can also be a health hazard if taken incorrectly. Children are often curious and unfortunately there can be serious repercussions when medication is taken by a child unsupervised. Protect your little one from the dangers of finding and taking medicine with the following safety tips: 

Keep medicine containers tightly closed:

If possible, purchase drugs that come in child-resistant packages. Close the containers tightly after every use, making sure the tops are on correctly and secure.

Store medicines out of reach:

Kids can reach for medicine in all kinds of places, like nightstands, purses, dresser, or counters. Most medication poisoning arises from the failure of parents and caregivers to keep medicines in places that are inaccessible to children.  

Place medicines out of sight:

All medicines, including adult medicines and vitamins should be put up and away, where children cannot see them. This will help you avoid your children trying to climb onto counters to try and reach medicines.

Put away other remedy products:

Many parents are cautious enough to store medicine up and away, but they forget to do the same with other products such as: eye drops, hand sanitizers, antibacterial ointment, rubbing alcohol, and diaper rash remedies, which may not seem like medicine, but actually are. These should all be stored out of reach of children and out of sight altogether if possible.

Watch out for visitor’s medicine:

Guests may not necessarily be thinking about the dangers posed by medication in their belongings when they come for a stay in your home. So whenever you have visitors in your home, offer to put their coats, purses, and bags out of the reach of children to protect their belongings from a curious kid.

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