Moving? Make it Easier with These Tips

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There’s so many things to think about when you’re preparing for a move. Every detail has to be considered, and the whole situation can be overwhelming. Make things easier for yourself with these thoughtful tips:

Clean Before Moving In.Before you move the first thing into your new house, clean it out to make sure it’s clean and ready for you. Many housekeeping services provide moving in or moving out services, so let them take care of it for you and cross that off your list!

Pack an Overnight Bag. The last thing you will want to do at the end of a moving day is unpack anything, so take that step away by packing an overnight bag for yourself with the essentials including a few changes of clothes, your toiletries, and your laptop. 

This way, you’ll have everything you need for the first night and the next day without having to immediately start unpacking.

Use Clothes Instead of Paper. When it’s time to wrap your glass items, do double duty and save some paper by using clothing instead. Take your glass items, slide them inside of the clothes, and wrap the clothes around the glass pieces and dishes.  

This way, you can keep your glass pieces safe and pack your clothes at the same time!

Label Boxes. Label your boxes with two pieces of information: contents and the room in which they belong. Then, when you’re unpacking, take the boxes to the room in which they will be unpacked. This will make everything much easier in the long run, and you won’t have to unpack items in one room and take them to another.

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