How to Keep Dangerous Bacteria Away From Your Kitchen

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6034-101413-gs6034You probably think that your bathroom is the place with the most bacteria in your home. However, the kitchen may be the place with most germs in your home. This is because when bacterium getsloose in your kitchen, it can multiply to millions in a matter of hours due to the favorable conditions. You obviously don’t want bacteria in the kitchen, because it is where your keep and prepare your food. Although it is impossible to keep bacteria away from the kitchen completely, there are ways to minimize their numbers so that they don't harm you. Here are some kitchen sanitation tips that will help you minimize the number of these dangerous microorganisms:

1. Clean you food preparation area

You food preparation area should be kept clean at all times. This is the place where you chop your fresh vegetables, meat and do other preparation jobs before you cook your food. Clean this area using a disinfectant solution to kill bacteria and other dangerous microorganisms.

2. Wash your vegetable and fruits when you bring them into the kitchen

The first thing to do when you bring your fruits and vegetables into your kitchen is clean them. This is because they may contain pesticides, dust, insects, etc. on their surfaces. Give them a through wash to remove these contaminants before eating or taking them to the preparation area.

3. Handle meat with care

Meat contains a nasty bacteria know as salmonella that can make you and the members of your family very ill. You have to handle meat with caution to ensure that these bacteria do not get into the mouths of people in your home. If you have wooden cutting board, you should switch to a plastic cutting board or wash your wooden cutting board thoroughly with soap and water after using it. Treat it using a solution of water and bleach after. This is because wooden boards are havens for bacteria.

The above tips are some simple steps you can implement to keep your kitchen clean and disinfected. And The Maids of Ashburn can help you with all the rest of your general housekeeping needs!

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