How to Control Allergens in Your Home

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75-pack76-021514-tmAllergens such as mold, pet dander, dust mites and fungi can cause asthma if not removed in good time. According to a survey that was published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, there are about six allergens that are consistent in every home. They can be found on the floor, furniture, suspended in the indoor air, or stuck on other surfaces. The following tips can help you to get rid of these allergens:

Get Rid of Dust

Dust mites reside in the dust and can easily trigger allergic reactions. By dusting, you will be eliminating the places where these allergens find their food. When dusting, you can use a treated or damp cloth so as to trap the dust instead of scattering it back into the air. You may also want to wear a dust mask to shield yourself from these allergens as you clean.

Eliminating Mold and Mildew

You can prevent mildew and mold from growing on surfaces, such as in your bathrooms, by using mold resistant paint and dehumidifying these areas regularly to eliminate the moisture and dampness.

Vacuum Your Home

Dust can settle on the floor, but there is also dirt and other particles that collect on the floor.Carpets and furniture are some of the areas that you should concentrate on when vacuuming your home. The best vacuum that will not send particles in the air but rather traps them is a HEPA-filtered vacuum. This traps even the smallest particles leaving your surfaces clean and dust free.

Use Low VOC Cleaning Products

Whenever you are cleaning your home ensure that you use chemicals that do not contain harsh chemicals. This is because the harsh chemicals that are present in some of the cleaning detergents can cause allergic reactions.

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