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Vinegar is made just in the same way like beer or wine, it is simply from a fermentation process. Leaving wine uncovered gives you vinegar. Vinegar is of different types, white vinegar from wine, malt vinegar from beer and cider vinegar from cider. The cleaning uses of vinegar are what makes it so popular among many.

What are the uses of vinegar?

Apart from being used at home, vinegar has many other benefits and uses. Some of them include.

  • Clean rust from iron tools and other industrial equipment-this is one of the easiest ways to remove rust. All you do is soak the rusted equipment in undiluted vinegar for around twelve hours.
  • Keeping garbage disposal points clean and fresh smelling-by mixing water and one cup of vinegar, freeze the mixture and grind the cubes, which are then placed at the disposal points to ensure constant scent.
  • Used as a treatment for infections and diseases-it is used as a relief for jellyfish stings and relieving pain in a sore throat.
  • On the farm, it can be used to kill unwanted plants like weeds-by pouring white vinegar in crevices and on bricks helps remove totally remove them.
  • The uses of vinegar in the home-this is one of the places that vinegar has dozens and dozens of uses. Having them at hand may help you have a different attitude to it. Some uses include:
  • Cleaning dirt off electronics, this is best for computers, televisions, fax machines or other electronics. Mixing equal amounts of vinegar and water, then using a damp cloth will do you good.
  • Unclogging of pipes and remove stains, by mixing baking soda and vinegar will be helpful just like the commercial stain removers would do. This of course saves much of your money.
  • Getting rid of smoke smell, if a chain smoker happened to camp at your place, or you recently burned a steak. Place a shallow bowl about three quarters full of vinegar for around a day and the smell will be gone.
  • Removing carpet stains, this is done by rubbing the stains with two tablespoon salt dissolved in half a cup of white vinegar. Allow the solution to dry then vacuum.
  • Removing of candle wax, candles are good for creating a romantic mood. They can however melt on wood. Simply blow-dry the wax to make it melt, then wipe it with a cloth soaked in an equal solution of water and vinegar.
  • Removing grease stains, this is simply done by wiping them down with a fabric moistened in equal parts of vinegar and water. It will also be helpful in removing odors when it evaporates.
  • Revitalize leather furniture; if your sofa has lost its luster, restoring it is just a few steps away. Mixing boiled linseed oil and equal part of white vinegar in a spray bottle can be of much help. Spray it on your furniture and allow it to settle. Later rub it with a clean cloth.
  • Cleaning windows. Spray it on the window using a spray bottle. Then dry with a soft cloth for clean windows.
  • Repelling ants, by spraying water and vinegar mixed in equal proportions on cracks and on door jambs. There are fewer chances of attack by ants.

The uses of vinegar in the home are more than you ever thought of the above mentioned can easily be tried out at the comfort of your home

Having this knowledge, all the cleaning issues that sometimes give you a headache will be gone for good. Trying some of these things out may prove to be even more helpful than just reading them. All the best

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