Couches, Love Seats, and Recliners: Protect the Beauty

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Your home’s couches, love seats, chairs, and recliners can age over time. They can fade, tear, get worn, warp, sag, lean, and even get stained. If you have children in the household, this can definitely speed up the process. When you work on housecleaning to make a room look great, it becomes only as good as the items around it. A clean room with a warped and torn couch can diminish visual appeal from your cleaning efforts. In thinking of that scenario, there are several things you can do to keep the furniture looking like new longer and extend their lifespan.

Couch and Chair Covers

Furniture covers are available in many sizes, styles, colors, and designs. They are priced a little high, but the benefits outweigh the negatives. They cover the furniture while allowing use of it and protect the surface from stains, spills, and from wearing out. These are usually machine washable products and also add more comfort to the seats of the furniture. These covers go over the entire couch most of the time. Some expose the front of the chair or couch more than others, but it all depends on design. The biggest point is that they all protect the surface of the armrests and the seats, but some protect the entire piece of furniture.

Stain Protection

Stain protection products usually come in spray or gel form. However, some carpet and furniture cleaners also have stain guard protection in them. No matter what type, a stain protector will help protect the surface from stains and spills. It will also help protect it from frictional wear and tear somewhat. In addition, they add new life to faded or dull materials, just like the wax on a car. A dry car may have foggy areas, but the wax shines it up like new and hides the dullness. Stain protection is similar in that fashion.

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