Best Way to Clean a Washing Machine

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gsappp-dsc-2428-120213Electronic products have made life easy and one such product is washing machine. It actually becomes hard to imagine life without these apparel cleaning gadgets. However, for long-term results it is essential to ensure that the machine is cleaned and maintained appropriately. Machines developed using latest technologies are easy to clean if one knows the right process. 

Different Machines, Different Approach

Even though all the washing machines have same components, every brand has a different approach in using them. This is why there are several models and designs. Companies ensure that they provide all possible information to consumer so that they can maintain the machine and get best results. There are user's guides where proper cleaning tips and processes are given in different languages to facilitate better understanding. It is necessary to understand that the best washing machine in India also needs proper maintenance for delivering the best results.

Some Common yet Useful Cleaning Tips

Usually users ignore several common steps. Then this is not right. These common, simple cleaning steps lead to an enhanced durability and better performance. You can follow these steps:

1. Check the hoses for leaks and kinks. You should always replace a damaged hose since improper water supply to the machine can lead to reduced performance.

2. If you observe the lid of the machine, you will see that a layer of dirt and soap has accumulated on the corners of the lid. This layer should be cleaned using a solution of vinegar and baking soda. This is a cost effective cleaning method.

3. Empty cleaning cycle with vinegar as well baking soda is also a great method. Set the machine to the highest water level. This would help in cleaning the washer tub.

4. Use a cotton cloth for wiping the washer drum once you are done with the washing task.

5. Clean the fabric softener and bleach dispenser on regular basis by soaking it in hot water and vinegar solution. 

These are just a few tips to keep your washing machine in optimal working order. And if you would like assistance with your many other housekeeping chores, don’t hesitate to contact The Maids of Ashburn.

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