A Great Mother’s Day Gift You Can Make

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What are you getting the mothers in your life for Mother's Day? Dinner out, cleaning services, and a day of rest are all great options!

Flowers and plants are beautiful gifts for Mother’s Day, too; but when you give bouquets, they don’t last for long, and giving houseplants requires a significant amount of care for the plant.

This idea, however; allows you to give flowers and plants in a way that is not only beautiful, but also long-lasting and low-maintenance!

In a guest post for Front & Main, blogger Nicole Balch shared her homemade terrarium. It’s the perfect combination for a Mother’s Day gift, and here’s a quick step-by-step breakdown of how she did it!

Making a Terrarium

  1. Put a layer of charcoal on the bottom of a tall, clear glass container. While this can be an optional step, Nicole uses it because it reduces the chances of mold and rot affecting the plants.
  2. Add a layer of rocks. Small rocks serve two purposes: they add visual dimension, but they also encourage drainage in plants, something that’s especially important in a terrarium.
  3. On top of that, add a layer of soil. You’re going to want to use good quality soil for this since the plants will be growing on their own for the most part and will need all of the nutrients they can get!
  4. Place plants in the soil. Nicole recommends making sure the plants don’t touch the side of the container as this can cause the leaves to rot and die.
  5. Water the soil and close the lid. Don’t flood the terrarium, but make sure the soil is moist. Once you put the lid on, the plants should mostly take care of themselves!


Proper terrariums don’t need much maintenance because they create a self-sufficient eco-system. Make sure the terrarium is placed in indirect sunlight, like through a curtain or at an angle to the light source.

Nicole suggests opening the lid and letting it air out if you start to see condensation, and if it starts to look dry and wilted, it might need more water to sustain itself. Otherwise, let it just grow on its own, and it will last like that for a long time! 

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