A Fresh Bed: How to Clean Your Mattress

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Going to bed on a new mattress leads to a great sleep, but you can get almost the same result by thoroughly cleaning your own mattress. Your maid services makes the bed for you, and the good news is, it only takes a little bit of effort to get it thoroughly clean. Thankfully, there is an incredibly easy way to clean a mattress that will get rid of odors, sweat, and dirt.

Before you go to sleep tonight, clean your mattress and enjoy a great night!

Step #1: Wash all of the bedding. Wash everything in warm water: sheets, pillow cases, and blankets. If you have time, wash the pillows, too (when you put them in the dryer, add tennis balls to help get them completely dry)!

Step #2: Flip the mattress if possible. If not, vacuum the space between the mattress and the box springs as well as you can.

Step #3: Combine baking soda with your favorite essential oil. Avoid cinnamon, peppermint, and eucalyptus, because these odors are known to be energizing. Lavender, on the other hand, will help you sleep well.

Step #4: Sprinkle the mixture over the surface of the mattress and wait for at least an hour. As the baking soda sits, it draws out moisture from inside the mattress, pulling with it dirt, odors, and even dust mites.

Step #5: Vacuum the surface of the mattress. Using the hose on your vacuum cleaner, pick up all of the baking soda—as you vacuum the baking soda, you’re also vacuuming all of the things you don’t want in your bed!

When the bedding is clean and dry, replace it, and enjoy the feeling of a nice, fresh bed! 

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