A Creative Decorative Storage Option for Your Bathroom

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Everyone could use more storage in the bathroom to help with organization and house cleaning—from towels and rags to toiletries to cleansers and extra toilet paper, there are a lot of things vying for space! If you could easily create more storage that looked beautiful as well as freed up some space in your cabinets or bathroom closet, that would make a big difference.

That’s exactly what blogger Carmel did, and her idea is both a great option for storage and a beautiful decorative item for her bathroom: window boxes.

How to Make Them Work

If you want to try this for yourself, it’s incredibly easy. Pick up as many window boxes as you want that fit the space in which you want to put them and a set of two hooks of your choice per window box. Then:

  • Measure and mark where your hooks need to go. Make sure you measure the distance between the places you will slip the basket onto the hook in order to correctly line them up.
  • Attach the screws to the wall. Following your marks, add the hooks.
  • Decorate the baskets. Want a decorative touch on your basket? Now is the time! Consider using nametags, small pictures, or other embellishments you like. You can attach them with hot glue, twine, or ribbon.
  • Hang the baskets and add your items! Hang the baskets and check their sturdiness, then start putting things in them.

There are a lot of things you could do with these, as well: you could add name tags and create personalized window baskets, one for each person in the family to hold their own toiletries and rags.

Use them near the shower for an easy place to store and use shampoos and conditioners, or hang them near the toilet to store toilet paper. Whatever you use them for, you will find them to be a great addition to almost any bathroom.

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