4 Ways to Make A Carpet Cleaning Solution

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Carpet cleaning is one of the toughest house chores one will ever handle. Due to some reason or the other, your carpet will get stained. Some of these stains are very difficult to remove. It may necessitate that you really seek professional carpet cleaning services. The downside it this is that it may strain your financial budget. To save you from such costs, here are some ways to make your own solution and eliminate dirt stains from your carpet. What you should know is that most of these cleaning solutions can be made using available products in your house.

1. Making a solution based on dish cleaning detergents

Making this is very simple. First of all, make a solution of dish detergent with some warm water. Mix them gently to form a uniform solution. To be specific, take about 2ml of the detergent and drop into a 230ml cup of warm water. Increase the mixture proportionally according to your needs. This can be used when scrubbing or with your carpet cleaning machine

2. Making a solution based on washing detergents

Simply mix your laundry detergent with warm water in a ratio of 1:10. Add it into your carpet cleaning machine or use it to scrub your carpet. The good thing with this is that it does not leave foam to your carpet.

3. Making a solution based on Windex spray

Windex spray is a window cleaning solution. This has been already mixed for you. Simply test it by dropping some amount at the spot. If it works, then apply it to the whole carpet. However, you should be careful when using this as some carpets get discolored on using Windex.

4. Using vinegar and baking soda

Finally, these two are easily available in your home. First, mix them in small bits until they form a uniform thick paste. Dilute with some warm water and let apply it at the spot. Leave it that way for 5 minutes or more then scrub off using a rug. It will even be better if you pour on some club soda then let it soak for the 5 minutes. So, there you have them; your home based carpet cleaning solutions.

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