4 Easy Ways to Clean Stainless Steel

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We all know that stainless steel has the ability to resist rust and corrosion. Because of this factor, stainless steel has become the most popular choice in many kitchens and around the world. In short stainless steel can live up to its name, for instance grime dust and dirt. However, it is quite important to clean and maintain stainless steel I order to reduce the risk of getting rust and corrosion.

Below are 4 easy ways to clean stainless steel.

Water and cloth

It is easy to accomplish regular cleaning by simply using warm water and a clean piece of cloth. This is the cheapest way to clean and maintain stainless steel. After cleaning, make sure you dry the steel with a piece of cloth or towel in order to get rid of water spots that might retain marks due to minerals in water. For best results, make sure you wipe in the direction of the polish line(s).

Using mild detergent and cloth

This is the best option when it comes to cleaning that requires a lot of power. The good thing about using mild detergent and water is that it will not damage the stainless steel. You can use also warm water with just a few drops of dish soap.

Glass cleaner for fingerprints

Most people complain a lot about finger prints in stainless steel. However, it is quite easy to handle this issue by simply using household ammonia or glass cleaner. For impressive results, spray the glass cleaner or ammonia on a piece of microfiber cloth. Then wipe the steel gently and in a circular motion in order to remove the finger prints

Stainless steel cleaner

If you have scratching or just staining, then you need a stainless steel cleaner. Stainless steel cleaner basically will help remove stains and scratching. Stainless steel cleaners can also polish surfaces.

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