3 Traditional Ways That Still Work for Removing Crayon Markings on Walls

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crayon-strokes-background-1013tm-bkg-655Before your kids turn three, they will have colored on every wall in your house and both sides of your doors. Some of these marks will be caused by crayons, which cannot be removed by the normal erasers. So, should you repaint your whole house? Not yet! You can hire a maid service like The Maids of Ashburn in Sterling, VA or attempt to clean the walls yourself. No matter what you decide to do, the following are some tried and tested tools for removing crayon from walls.

1. Blow Dryer

This is a great strategy, though the crayon coated should be close to a power outlet, or have a long extension cord. Crayon marks are generally made from wax, so you can blow some hot air directly at the stains to soften up the marks, and then wipe away the liquefied crayon. This method is safe for any wall. However, it does not remove the stain entirely, so you will still need to clean it with something else, like dish soap and water, but it will be much easier.

2. WD40

This is the liquid you use to stop squeaks, but it is also highly recommended for cleaning crayon marks, because of the oil substance that lubricates the crayon wax as it breaks apart. Unfortunately, WD40 is only ideal for fresh, small crayon marks, since it would create a mess in a large area, and would be useless for older stains. You should clean the residue afterwards, or else your wall will still be dirty.

3. Eraser Sponges

They are mostly used to clean white walls, though they can work with other types of walls if used carefully. When used on colored walls or wallpaper, you should wipe the marks gently to avoid ruining the paper, removing color, or scratching up the surface. When used on glossy finish, they tend to leave tiny scratches and dull the area you cleaned. This is probably the most effective conventional method, but it can be a bit expensive depending on the area to be cleaned. For anything other than a white wall, always test a small area first to assess the risks.

Other common home remedies for removing crayon marks from walls involve the use of art erasers, toothpaste, vinegar, greasy and oily substances like hand lotion, baby oil, mayonnaise, alcohol, turpentine, hairspray, and lighter fluid.

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